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Prints are amazing for SO many reasons. If you want to experiment with a DIY gallery wall that you have been seeing everywhere or start to build up a collection of some artwork that really SPEAKS to you. Prints are a great place to start because they pack a lot of beauty into a room without breaking the bank.

So go ahead, dive on it, and find a print that you love because a room can really feel more like home when you don’t have so many blank walls staring back at you! All of my prints are made with archival paper and top-of-the line inks to ensure amazing color and clarity for years to come.

If you have questions about framing or want me to frame it for you before shipping, just send me a message at


Commissions are pretty much as good as it gets. They are the ultimate way to have something you love, whether it’s a moment, place, or experience memorialized forever in a unique painting. They are for those BIG moments in life when you are finally at a place that you can get just what you want. How awesome is that!


Clients come to me with the size and subject of what they want painted (either through a reference photograph or by looking at my past artwork). Then I take it from there to create something incredibly special and unique for you!


This process requires more time and a little more communication between you and me, but it’s fun and the result is always worth it. Here is my commissions FORM that streamlines the process and once I receive the form I can send you a quote!



Orginal artwork is a whole new level of awesome. Let’s say you just got married, are having a baby, celebrating an anniversary, got that job you’ve always wanted, retired, etc. How do YOU like to celebrate or mark the occasion? My guess would be that you like to go out to a fancy dinner, have a delicious meal that…you most likely won’t remember in the years to come. This is where original artwork steps in!


Original artwork is a phenomenal way to mark any moment you want to remember because it’s something you hang on your wall, that you see every day, that you can pass down to your family, that gains in value over the years, and that is entirely UNIQUE. Now what dinner (no matter how delicious) can do that! Some of my small original paintings are even the same price as a nice dinner out!


So, go ahead, explore my large-collection of original artwork and find something to mark the moment of your life that you’re currently in, because every stage of life has it's own reasons to celebrate. 


I paint on gallery wrapped canvases (the edges of the canvas are painted – so it doesn’t require a frame) and on paper (which I always mount in a classic frame).


So let’s just say you’ve been invited to ANOTHER wedding, house warming, baby shower, birthday, etc. party – you get my drift. But, you are so over getting someone a blender.


So why not get them something that they can choose, something that is original, and that they will always remember, like a gift card to my art shop! It makes a perfect gift because it’s unique (unlike a Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card) but at the same time they can pick out exactly what they want.


What’s even better is that they can apply their Gift Card to any section of my shop, including commissions. So, if there is a special spot they’ve always loved, then they can apply the gift card to a painting of that spot (that is so them)!


How it works is you purchase the gift card on my site and I mail you (I can also email if you’re in a pinch) a beautiful custom card with a code on it for them to use in the shop. So you can check that off your list! Until the next one.:)