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Spring In My Studio

Seizing the energy of spring to create some artwork just for you.

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Hey Friend!

Lately I’ve been interested in living more seasonally. For me that means shifting my focus throughout the year to what’s happening around me in nature. For instance, in the winter you slow down, get more sleep, and eat a little more and then in the spring you start doing more, planting your garden, set goals, stay awake longer, and exercise more – because after all, that is what nature is doing.

It’s a beautiful and gentle way to become more in-tune with nature and to follow the cycles

of the seasons to ensure you don’t stay in #hustle mode for too long. A PLUS is that you eat more seasonally too, so whatever is in season locally – that’s what you try to cook with. Luckily, I live on Long Island where there are 4 defined and moderate seasons, so it’s perfect for living more seasonally.

I’ve often wondered what is it about Spring that makes us feel so much more alive. Is it purely that nature is also coming alive again, and we feel this deep within our ancient mammal souls? Or is it more? Maybe it’s because during this season we are painfully aware of the precious beauty of contrast. It’s fascinating to me how just a single bud in a pile of dead leaves is somehow more beautiful and rare at this time of year then when a peony is in full bloom during the summer.

This winter, I have loved painting high-contrast seascapes and over-exposed landscapes, but now with the energy of spring running through my veins, I feel color and wildness are in order to properly celebrate this beautiful season. So, as I’m diving deep and painting everyday to explore this amazing time of year, you can expect to see a lot of blushing pinks and bright greens to welcome this season with open arms. I’m actively trying to be freer with my painting and I’m not restricting myself in anyway, but instead allowing my creativity to guide the way.

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