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My Creative Inspiration This Winter

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Finding quiet in a world full of distractions so I could "tune in" to my creative process.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for joining me! Now I know 2017 was a long hard year for many of us and after the holiday season I know I certainly relished the quiet that January and February offered. Being partly an introvert (no one would ever guess!), I love the inherently private nature that winter and creating requires. Winter asks us to be patient, quiet, and think deeply. It says “Go ahead and relax! Get under that massive pile of blankets with some red wine and Netflix-and-chill all night! No one has to know…”.

Luckily, I'm a Long Island Artist so the winter's aren't too bad...and after growing up in Maine, I know how long and dreary a bad winter can be!

This winter felt different. I was having a tough time slowing down and realized there was a lot of “noise” in my daily life. How often was I doing chores while listening to an audio book? Did I always shower or get ready for my day while listening to music? Was I constantly listening to the news when I was traveling in my car? It’s so easy to lose the quiet; those precious moments where we sit by ourselves and just think.

After reflection in January, I can tell you one thing, I didn’t like how little “quiet time” I truly had. So, I went about seeking it. I haven’t listened to an audio book for two months (very difficult for me). I took a walk almost everyday without my phone, I rarely listened to music, and I significantly limited brainless scrolling. I bet you’re wondering “WHY? Why, would you do that to yourself?”. The answer is simple – I wanted to be more present. The way for me to be more present in my daily life was to eliminate some of the distractions that were eating into my quiet. It was hard to do (I can’t tell you how many times I brainlessly reached for my phone for a quick fix) but after some time, the beauty of being more present slowly started to reap it’s own rewards.

Those daily walks led to noticing nature more and to analyzing the shape and beauty of trees at dusk in the winter. Those thoughts and images dancing around my head led to inspiration, which led to paintings. Simply put, the quiet made space in my mind and heart for creativity to live through my artwork. A bonus was I also felt calmer, more focused, and could enjoy smaller moments of joy that might have gone un-noticed before.

I’m incredibly proud of the painting collection that came out of this quiet season. The paintings are full of creamy whites, blushing pinks, and dark heavy greens. They range from light oceanscapes to dusky treescapes in a variety of sizes for every budget and wall space. Contrast is the main motif which connects them all together. I believe you can only truly appreciate light when it’s next to darkness, and if it’s done right in a painting…it’s magic. In other exciting news, PRINTS will be available for purchase of a couple of my favorite paintings from this collection.

So instead of dreading Winter, I say embrace it! Slow down, get more sleep, eat a little bit more, and recharge. Because honestly if you think about it – what’s the rush? And don’t worry, Summer is just around the corner…and we all know what that means! #Hustle



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