Monhegan Island Collection

It’s no secret that Monhegan Island, a small largely uninhabited island 12 miles off the coast of Maine, is a wildly magical place. Two summers ago I was gifted a three night stay at the Trailing Yew Inn. I was in a transitional moment in my life and was seeking both quiet and clarity and this gift seemed like a perfect opportunity to gain both. Some of the things that make Monhegan Island so special is that it’s actually not that easy to get to. No cars are allowed on the passenger ferry that shepherds you to the island, so you have to carry in all of your luggage and in my case art supplies. But once you get there it’s unpaved roads, adorable small village, and wildly rugged landscape make any challenges seem trivial. Monhegan Island gave me the beauty my eyes craved and the quiet my soul needed in order to be heard. This collection is my way of saying thank you to this moment in my life, to pay homage to a magical place that artists have pilgrimed to for centuries and I’m sure will continue to do so forever.

original acrylic paintings on stretched canvas:

original acrylic paintings on paper: